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10 Helpful Tips for choosing your Wedding Cake

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Choosing your wedding cake

If you bumped in to this blogpost, chances are you are getting married soon, and at some point you will be choosing your wedding cake.
Cutting the cake is one of the most iconic moments on your wedding day.
The cake will be pictured and remembered by you and your guests for years to come. Not only its look but also its taste.
The wedding cake is the focal point of your wedding day, much more than a random dessert.
This is why you better research al lot when choosing your wedding cake.

Follow our guidance and you will help you making sure you’ve got the taste, size and style on point.


First of all take inspiration from your wedding mood and venue.
It doesn’t need to be matchy matchy, but keeping it consistent in terms of styling and colors will make it look more elegant and refined, and also be a nice guidance when choosing your wedding cake.


Italian typical wedding cake used to be the millefoglie (millefeuille cake) typically a plain shape, square or round, composed by many floors of puff pastry filled with custard and covered with powdered sugar. You can consider that too.


Nowadays many pastries all over Italy became very good at cake design. Wether it is pure American Style (using fondant) or more genuine, covered with buttercream they will be able to achieve it.

Fondant icing is more sleek than buttercream, and it is better if you want molded shapes, but it is less delicious.


You can also opt for ganache—a rich frosting with a fudgy texture, usually made mixing chocolate and cream.
White chocolate can be dyed in basically any shade, based on your taste and preferred look.


Don’t forget swiss meringue either, made by whipping egg whites together with sugar. Even though it’s not very common it has a fuzzy appearance that can make the cake look whimsical and romantic, and it pairs perfectly with fruit-based fillings like lemon and berries.

Always consider that apart from the look, the cake is also supposed to be eaten by your guests, so you want to make sure it tastes good.

As you look for ideas take note of the design elements, if your eyes are catched by hand-painted accents or buttercream details to understand the ones that you gravitate towards. After understanding your likes and dislikes you will be less confused by all the wedding cakes you will see out there, and choosing your wedding cake will be easier .

The thing about wedding cakes is that they are incredibly versatile. There’s a perfect wedding cake idea for each couple, no matter what their wedding style may be. So don’t get overwhelmed by the variety.


Decorations can be made edible and composed by delicate gum paste or sugar paste flowers, which are constructed by hand, so more expensive than fresh fruits or fresh flowers, that would be provided by your florist, and will make the cake look more fresh and real.
Incorporating flowers is one of the most timeless and classic wedding cake looks.
In case you had floral invitations we suggest to match your floral design invitation suite and or other highly designed items that are custom to the wedding.


With the rise of microweddings and elopements, many couples feel that it can’t justify ordering a big cake. This shouldn’t stop you when choosing your wedding cake. First of all part of the cake can be a fake one, and couples have to remember that they don’t need to serve tiered wedding cakes in order to make an impact.


As proof that couples don’t need to serve tiered wedding cakes in order to make an impact, we had clients that followed their mood and decided to go for different smaller desserts, surrounding their wedding cake, to make it look more rich. We are sure that guests highly appreciated the variety of tastes.


When choosing your wedding cake remember that it will probably be on display, for a few minutes before you cut it, on a designated cake table that should be in the best backdrop possible. A round table is usually suggested for round cakes, but a rectangular table can work just as fine. Always ask what are the options and if there is an additional fee. And don’t forget to customize it adding candles, drapery or other unique decorations.
You can decide to skip the topper but many couples like to design a special cake topper with their names or monograms.


Best thing is to deal with the cake after making all decisions about style and reception décor. These elements will serve as a blueprint for the cake design and help you choosing your wedding cake details. Choose a cake that’s in tune with the venue, the season, your gown, the flower arrangements, the colors and the menu flavors.
Wedding cake serves as the sweet ending to your special day, so be wise when you are choosing your wedding cake.


American Wedding Cake - Choosing your wedding cake - Italian Wedding Designer

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Cake: SugarCups

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Cake: SugarCups


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Cake: Flauto di Pan

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