In the Vineyards

There is nothing more romantic that an Italian Vineyard Wedding!

If you imagine your wedding to be in a place immersed in nature and framed with expansive panoramas of vineyards, fields of wheat, sunflowers and white roads lined with cypress, the Italian countryside is surely the right location for your big day.
You can celebrate your wedding amongst farmhouses and main villas situated next to vineyards, 100-year-old olive groves and fields immersed with sunflowers in a relaxed atmosphere. Become intoxicated with the perfume of lavender and rosemary hedges, snuggle up to the tweeting of little birds as they sing and chatter, be enchanted with the setting sun behind the hills.
If you love this idyllic pastoral frame, then the country is definitely the perfect place. It’s also perfect for those who dream of a green wedding, where one is able to offer signature invites, a rustic but refined menu that showcases local products and delicacies to those who have travelled great distances to participate in your big day.
What better location if not the countryside to indulge with model country or bohemian?!