Wedding in Italy

Find the perfect Italian landscape for your fairy-tale destination wedding in Italy.

Wedding in Italy - Italian Wedding Designer

Italy is the perfect setting to declare your Love. There are a lot of great reasons why you should have your Wedding in Italy.. One of the main benefits is the exceptional weather.

In particular from April to October days are long, warm and mostly sunny. If you do decide to set your Wedding day in Spring, then April and May will offer amazing green fields and lots of flowers. If you opt for a Summertime wedding, you’ll find massive Sunflowers and cornfields. During the last few years, we have found Winter weddings to be increasing, and in those cases, the most desired locations are historical cities and romantic chalets on the amazing Alps.
Another good reason to choose a wedding in Italy is the food. The wide range of Italian products and their quality is well known all over the world. The menu you’ll offer to your guests will surely impress them, and do not forget you can match the courses with exquisite Italian Wines.

Wedding in Italy - Italian Wedding Designer

In Italy you will be able to choose between romantic medieval Castles located on green hills or strategically built upon ancient Cities, or between renaissance Villas on the Lake or in the wild growing nature, lavish Palaces which belonged to Noble families, Villas on a cliff overlooking the sea, Chalets on high Mountains, chic and comfort Relais, luxurious 5-star Hotels or typical rustic Farmhouses.

With this variety of locations, we are sure that everybody can find the perfect Italian background for their fairy-tale wedding.
Enjoy your Wedding in Italy.
Live your Dream with us..