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How to get ready for your big day - Wedding beauty Tips

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Wedding Beauty Tips - Italian Wedding Designer

How to get ready for your big day – Wedding beauty Tips

Every bride dreams to be a beauty goddess on her wedding day.
From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, there’s no end to wedding beauty tips.
No pressure, but in addition to the wedding to do list, you now have another set to check before you say “I do”.
Be aware that wedding photos last forever, so the look should be timeless, enhancing your natural beauty.

Try to opt for a cohesive style, to go well with your overall mood of the wedding.
It is very important to choose a wedding dress that emphasizes your beauty and style, but it is also very important to takegood care of skin, make up and hair, and last but not least manicure and pedicure.
We don’t want to slip up on something simple so read well and follow our wedding beauty tips. We can guarantee you will be your gorgeous best when walking down the aisle.

First of all we highly suggest you to hire a professional hair and make up artist, to take care of you on the big day, but don’t forget that the preparation in the months ahead is on you.
This is why you have to make sure you read these wedding beauty tips.

Because who doesn’t want to look at their best on their wedding day?
Try to avoid doing something new in the last weeks, as you will need time to fix it in case it doesn’t work out well, and sometimes you can do so only if you have enough time.
Some treatments take time, even several months, so you certainly want to plan in advance.
If you are thinking to do an updo remember to start growing your hair a few months before the wedding, or ask for hair extensions  if your natural hair lack in volume , as the longer and ticker the hair is the better. This is one of the few cases where less is not more.
If you have frizzy prone hair consider getting a keratin treatment, try it out enough months in advance to check it works for you.
Repair damaged ends with a trim and a moisturizing mask and always use heat protectant before styling to prevent breakage.
Do not hesitate in cutting your hair split hands ahead of time, every once in a while, using the right products for your hair maintenance, and refresh your color if you regularly dye your hair.
On the day of the wedding usually hair have to be well washed the day before, and dried without putting any product in them, before the hairdresser arrives at your place, but always make sure to ask directly to them what their preferences are, to prevent any catch.
If you have the chance always try to do a wedding beauty trial, to make sure that the look you are going for works as you expect. This will make you feel more confident and less stressed out about it, and you will have the chance to ask wedding beauty tips directly to the artist.
In case you want to change your look during the day, for example from a hairdo to a half up, remember to ask if the hairdresser can stay until the end of the ceremony to help with that.
They may require an extra fee but, if the same person is doing both hair and make up, you could also take advantage and have a small make up check as well.

Changing style before the dinner is also a common option, though this will surely require an extra fee and a meal for them to stay all day, it will allow you to have a perfectly refreshed look.Professionally done makeup is the key to beauty bliss, making you look flawless and radiant. Do not hesitate to follow the professional advices, they will have their own wedding beauty tips but alway stay true to yourself, you want to look your very best but not like somebody else or feel uncomfortable.

Make up is surely a big part of the look, either if you go for natural and effortless look or a more sophisticated one always have it balanced and try to take care of your skin in the months before.
Find a good aesthetician in your area to help you take care and maintain your skin. The goal is to perfect your skin, like you would have to do on daily basis, so this is a great moment to start, but don’t go overboard with treatments just because you are getting married
Travel, stress, make up and alcohl are very bad for the skin, so follow your beauty routine according to a beauty advisor that can suggest what is best for your skin, depending on the season and overall skin situation, take off you make up every night before going to bed and eat healthy.
Using new products can trigger allergic reactions, that would affect your skin look, so make sure you use washing detergents, body washes that your skin knows well and love.
For the same reason  if you do a facial or professional peeling do it at least 2 months before the wedding to avoid any allergic reactions.
Over-exfoliation or doing aggressive skin treatments could cause skin dehydration and it won’t do any good. If you skin is on the drier side travelling may make things worst, invest in a good moisturizer, and start using it at least a month before the wedding day.
Keeping hydrated is key for your skin so drink plenty of water and celery juice first thing in the morning,  low sugar and low dairy will help you achieve a glowing complexion in no time.
If despite all these you end up having breakouts, try not to stress about it, and don’t pick them. Use a antiblemish product on it instead (we suggest tea tree oil drops or ) and let your makeup artist cover it up properly.

Getting ready will have to start pretty early before the ceremony, to have the chance to take pictures and do all things with no rush. Have a good shower, wear your bride robe, sit back and relax.Another thing to take in to consideration is sunscreen, which should be must everyday of your life, regardless of where you live and of of your skin type, but more than ever is a must when travelling to another country for your wedding. We agree that a sunkissed look will make you glow, but too much sun can lead to sunburnt or redness which we are sure you want to avoid.

The sun is always there, even when hiding behind clouds, so at least make sure your foundation has spf in it, and wear body sunscreen when exposed.
On the other hand spf can reflect light off your face in professional pictures, so it’s not the best option on your wedding day. Your professional make up artist will make sure this does not happen, using the right products, both live and in pictures.Our wedding beauty tips are not over yet.Body skin is not to be forgotten. During the months before the wedding start exfoliating or body brushing once a week, following with a good body moisturizer.
Dry-brushing in particular yields major skin benefits, like skin gentle exfoliation and increased blood circulation, it also revs the flow of lymph, the fluid that whisks toxins out of the systems.
Don’t fall in the trap to get a spray tan for the first time, the day or two before the big day. If you want to have spray tan try it in advance, exfoliate beforehand and give your skin time to wash off, to see how long it lasts and how long it takes to fade. This way you can decide how many days before you should do it, the color to go for and how to correctly care of it.Remember to shave or wax your body, and face if needed, but don’t get any major cosmetic treatments too close to the wedding.
Do not pluck your eyebrows on the wedding days. Get them professionally done at least 3 days before to let the professional pluck the strays. If you over-pluck, you lose your natural arch shape, and this can change your facial expression a lot.
If you’re reshaping your eyebrows start the process as early as possible (at least four months) to give more time for growth.
Do not try anything for the first time right before the wedding, as you can’t predict your skin reaction and you may end up with no time to fix it.Dark drinks like red wine and coffee  (that you may drink a lot here in Italy) can stain your teeth. We recommend having your teeth cleaned by a dentist and using a whitening toothpaste, because we hope you will be smiling a lot in those days.
Another thing you might do quite frequently is shed tears of joy. For this reason make up artists will suggest you to use a waterproof mascara, or go for fake lashes. If you have the chance give a try to eyelash extensions or lashes lamination months ahead and have them properly done before the wedding week, and return three to four days before the wedding for a fill-in retouch..

You have to keep them away from water as much as you can in the first days, but they last up to 15 days, so they will allow you to cry your tears without turning in to a panda any day of the wedding week and honeymoon. They don’t have to be extra fake long lashes, just go for a natural look, we are sure you won’t regret it if you stay away from anything too extreme or obviously fake that may make you look tacky.

Your hands will be in display all day long, showing off your fresh wedding band, holding your bouquet or hugging your beloved, so do not forget to take care of them starting months before the wedding, moisturizing your skin and cuticles putting an oil every night before bed. Treat yourself with a professional manicure every few weeks ensures your hands and nails are in great shape.
Same goes for your feet. Even if you will not wear open sandals on your wedding day chances are your feet will be out a lot more, being on vacation.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to wear a nail polish or not, what is important is to take good care and do it properly if you do want to wear one.
You can go for a regular manicure, with a solid nail polish or a semi permanent shellac, but try to do it as later as you can to avoid polish chipping or the gap due to nail growth.
If you have a shellac manicure done weeks before remember to remove it or to mention that when booking your manicure/pedicure appointment.Last but not least sleeping is important for so many reason. Your body and mood will benefit a lot from sleeping well and enough.
If stress is causing problems avoid coffee as much as possible, try soft meditation and/or a good relaxing herbal tea before bedtime. The relaxed breathing state one has while sleeping reduces stress, calming the central nervous system, so not sleeping well may become a dog chasing its tail. Don’t underestimate it.We know this may seem like a lot to take in, but these wedding beauty tips are just about considering which things you’re probably already doing and watching out for the ones that may cause significant changes to your routine. You don’t need to be perfect, as far as you feel good and relaxed.
We are sure that your happiness will make you glow and look amazing on your wedding day, no matter what.

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