On the Mountains

For those who are in love with the Mountains and believe they are a fascinating location for their Wedding day, it is not difficult to arrange.
Nature is the guest of honour in any season you are thinking of marrying. Autumn can bring you a blaze of delightful colour, whilst in Winter the main character will be expanses of pure white snow.

The romantic atmosphere you seek in hotels immersed in nature makes the setting for your silent mountain dream with breathtaking landscapes. You can celebrate your wedding in an atmosphere that revokes fascinating other times with suffused lights, lit fires and windows that open to immaculate nature.

Italian Wedding Designer can help you to organize your Wedding reception in a hall with views of the Valleys, and in many locations you can find welcoming Spas with solariums, heated pools, saunas and hydro-massages for your relaxation prior to the big day. Alternatively you can opt for a romantic Mountain Hut with a simple and intimate atmosphere you can share with the people you care for most.

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