15 February 2016 /

Rustic Italian dinner in the Tuscan Countryside

30 / 100

M & A ask us to plan their rehearsal dinner the day before their wedding in the Tuscan countryside. One of the most difficult things was how to create a memorable event at the same venue of the wedding without repeating the same style of event.
We discussed with them and we suggested to have a relaxed outdoor barbecue in the rustic farmyard of the estate. The area was well lighting with a white moon ball, that created a romantic atmosphere.
Bride choose a lovely centerpiece with just blue flowers, agapanthus and hydrangea, blue and silver candles decorate the rustic wooden tables arranged as semicircle looking the huge grill.
To encourage conversation among guests who were meeting for the first time, we assigned seats mixing couples. But the funniest things was the dress code, bride & groom asked to their guests to dress just white clothes, and everyone has respected their request for this rustic italian dinner in the Tuscan countryside!

Dream Team:
Caterer: Tuscany Wedding Catering
Lights: Wedding Music and Lights
Flowers: Stiatti Fiori
Music: Firenze Classica
Venue: Fattoria di Catignano
Photographer: Pamela Bralia