Wedding Reception is the classic way to party after the “I do” moment, but it should be customized with care, choosing the right caterer and the perfect Menu. Key word to impress your guests with this selection is SEASONALITY.

The typical Italian Wedding Menu consists of:

Buffet: with many differently characterized food corners like Cheese and cold Cuts, Canapè, Vegetarian, Fried food, Soups or even Ethnic food such as Japanese sushi or Mexican spicy specialities.

First course: including two different dishes, usually a Risotto and a vegetarian option.
Normally in between the first and the second course a Sorbet is offered to the guests.
Second course: again two dishes course with one side dish each.
Wedding cake, which is sometimes not included in the menu charge, especially if an american style wedding cake is required.

The trend in the last years is to choose only one Main course instead of two, because the quantity is becoming less relevant than quality leaving space to aesthetic solutions like Food Design teaches, a style that puts an accent on the sight with noticeable research of armony betwen colors and shapes, never forgetting the importance of the taste.

Almost every Caterer offers the opportunity to have a tasting, with a lump sum payment, that in case of confirmation is deducted from the final bill. It is possible and advisable to request a special menu for Kids, but also for Allergic, Coeliacs, Vegetarians, Vegans, etc… Generally Caterers give a per person price, and they all have different policies regarding Special menu and menu for the Staff. Some Caterer include Wine in the price of the menu, some give the chance to pay on consumption. It is not always allowed to bring a different Wine, the caterers that permit that generally ask to pay for a Corkage fee. For the most part they all ask the definitive number of guests at least two weeks to ten days before the Wedding.

Please feel free to contact us for more informations and menu examples.

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