Photo & Video

The task of the Photographer and of the Video Maker during the Wedding is to catch and frame the details, putting the accent on details that you probably won’t even notice because of the excitement and participation. When you will take a look to your Wedding Album you will be able to recall all the emotions of that Special day. We believe you should choose a Wedding Photographer that can move your feelings, watching his/her previous wedding report.

Italy, being one of the main spots for Destination weddings, can offer a wide variety of photographers and video maker, very capable and professional in this field. You can choose between different Styles, but the informal, relaxed style is now the most popular, and you will see that italian photographers on their websites will display a lot of genuine pictures, a very few posed shots. Reportage Style usually includes a shooting during the preparation of the Bride, the Arrival, the Ceremony, the Cocktail, some shots during the Reception and photos of the Wedding cake and of the First dance. We strongly suggest to the spouses to fill a list of photos, especially if including guests, to give to the photographer, making it easier for him to organize the shots.

Beside Photo Session it is habit to realize a Wedding Video, that can be a simple reportage of the day, or it might include interviews to the newlyweds and messages from the guests. The video operator will film all the preparation until the end of the reception, putting it together with Music and Graphics, chosen by the spouses, afterwards.

If you are thinking of something fun and not so traditional we suggest an enjoyable Photo Booth, maybe with Props and accessories, that will help your guests set free. It will surely lead to lots of pictures of people having a good time, that you can share if you please even on Social networks.

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