A Destination Wedding beyond being a very pleasant Experience, can be a wonderful occasion for your guests to take a well deserved vacation in Italy, before and after your Wedding Day.

There surely are many aspects to consider if compared to a local wedding, but you don’t have to worry about it, because Italian Wedding Designer Team is here to help you and your guests. The first thing to consider is the number of the Guests, and if you wish you can have the possibility to let all your guests stay in the Location you choose for the Wedding Party, or if you prefer we can find an Accommodation for them in the area surrounding the place. We always advise to propose at least three options with a different price range. Suggesting the Accommodations to your guests will be very helpful for the organization of the Transfers on the Wedding Day, as unfortunately some areas are not easy to reach. Consider that, especially in case of locations far from big Cities, it can be very difficult to find accommodations, ceremony and reception locations in walk distance. Some areas of Italy provide very rare Bus and Train service, so it is advisable to rent a Car, both for Spouses and Guests, so you will also have the possibility to experience an Italian Road Trip.

On our hand we can help you with Accommodations and Bookings, plus we can create for you a Website with all the material needed to make it easier for your guests to contact us and ask us directly all the information.

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