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How to define your perfect Wedding Mood Board

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Yellow and Blue Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer

How to define your Wedding Mood Board

If you are about to start to plan your wedding, your head may be already full of visual references or still blank.
Wether you have clear ideas or are a bit confused a wedding mood board is what you need.

Pinterest, Instagram, movies and any other thing that may come to your mind may cause confusion, if you don’t narrow down your choices and ideas.

Autumn color Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer


wedding mood board is the visual layout of the inspirational mood you are looking forward to in your wedding.
Style is not only the way something looks, but also the way that it makes people feel.

This is why a wedding mood board is a main stage, the first important step towards the wedding of your dreams.
It will be helpful not only for you, to understand what you like, what suits you best and help you to stay on track, but also to your wedding planner and wedding vendors in general.

Having a wedding mood board to be shared with all the vendors will help them to understand your vision as they bring it to life, but it will also ensure you that it will have a cohesive look and feel throughout the event.

There is no such thing as choosing a theme, you have to pick a mood, rather than a theme.
Start by collecting photos that convey the look and feelings you hope to experience during your wedding.


Orange Citrus Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer


Pinterest is always the main source, and it can show a large array of tastes and style preference, so make sure you search for the right input word.

To do so first have a offline briefing with your partner, to come up with a list of adjectives to describe how you both want your wedding to be.

If you already picked a wedding venue take in to account the venue location and wedding season. Just like your wardrobe, your wedding mood board will be inspired by the time of year.

If you did not find a venue yet the wedding mood board may also help with that.

Once you gathered enough words, phrases, emotions and ideas, to describe the mood and the look that you want to achieve, start looking for pictures and carefully select them to finally organize them in categories, trying to see the fil rouge that connects them.
This will lead to consistency, that will end with a more cohesive look for your big day.


Indian Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer


If you organize your photos on Pinterest keep them hidden at least for now, to keep your wedding plans secret from friends and family.
If needed do not hesitate to use the description box of each pin to write down and focus what is that you exactly like about it.

We suggest to create different sections in each board, to keep the photos under control, dividing them by category, then choose the top photos off each category and put them together to start your wedding mood board.

You will have to try out different solutions before finalizing the look. This will make you able to highlight the ones that blend well and remove the ones that don’t.

You can use a free app like Canva, a free graphic design software that is very easy to use, or you can ask your wedding planner to help with this part.
Along with the mood board don’t forget the color palette, that should be included in the wedding mood board.


 Light Blue Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer

Don’t look at trends, and pick a color that is meaningful to you and your significant other. Consider using different shades of the same hue, or contrasting colors, to match your wedding mood and intentions. Take note of the colors that come more often in the pictures you selected, or use the colors you have in mind as guideline while searching.

If you’ve already found the venue, use it to help you come up with your color scheme, so you won’t have to work against a wall clashing your color palette, instead your colors will enhance your venue look.

Things that will be influenced by the wedding color palette are not only bridesmaids dresses or flowers, but also stationery elements, table design details, as well as cake decorations.

The style and mood you want to have, whether it’s relaxed or classy, is also a guide, cause you should choose colors that put you in that mind-set.

You don’t necessarily have to find many colors, you could also decide to stick to neutral tones, that look great in pretty much every venue or setting. Here the wedding mood board comes handy, to help achieve a certain feeling, based not on colors but on the sensations you want to give off. Colors don’t have to play the major role that it’s believed by many people.


Olive tree color Wedding Mood Board - Italian Wedding Designer


Of course the first wedding mood board is a work in progress, it’s important to let it all sink in, and keep in mind that can be modified during the planning, according to the final venue and season, but it is very important to see what your wedding could look like.

There are many ready made wedding mood board online but it is very important that you make your own, in order to have a unique feel and control over your event.

You will see many amazing images of wedding venues, decor and ideas that you may love and want to recreate but it is very important to recreate everything in your own way and considering your own budget.
Always try to put a more personal touch as well meaningful elements, to craft a truly personal experience.

Even though it is a conceptual representation make sure you include special details that you are looking for since this stage, wether it be stationery, tableware or table numbers.

It is not about including in your wedding mood board every tiny little detail that you want to see at your wedding but setting the tone to build a connection between your vision and the final result.



Remember that chances are not everything will be possible in the end, and it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to stick to the wedding mood board, so being flexible and open minded is also very important.

Don’t stress out on every detail of your wedding to match perfectly, think more in terms of style, textures and mood, and enjoy the feelings rather than the look.

Get in touch with us to start create your wedding mood board!

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