FAQ – Top 23 questions to ask your wedding planner

Are you wondering if you can afford a Wedding in Italy? Are you wondering if hiring a wedding planner is the right decision for you? Is Italian Wedding Designer the best wedding planner for your needs? Here is a list of our frequently asked questions to ask your wedding planner:

Why should we choose Italy as our destination wedding?

Italy is a great country, that offers a wide variety of romantic backdrops for your big day. From the magic atmosphere of Como lake, to the natural and relaxing vibe of tuscan hills, with olive trees fields and vineyards, to the breathtaking cliffs of Amalfi coast, to the unique Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. As well as an incomparable surrounding Italy will also guarantee amazing food and excellent wines, for a dinner that will be unforgettable.

When is the best time to have a wedding in Italy?

From April to October it’s the best time if you are looking for the italian mild weather, but if you love mountains and winter atmosphere December and January will be the best choice.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Italy is a very though country on the bureaucratic side. If you are looking for a civil ore religious ceremony we suggest to do it only with the help of a professional figure. There might be a misleading idea of the wedding planner as a luxury treat for a wedding, which in the case of destination wedding is absolutely untrue. We receive a lot of last minute requests from couples that try to go through the process themselves and have issues with paperworks, made mistakes with documents and so on. Most of italian townhall officers don’t speak good english which ca also lead to misunderstanding. We are able to guide you though the bureucratic process, in order to have all fullfilled on time and on point, not only taking care of the party itself.

Why book with Italian Wedding Designer?

We are a passionate and good humored team, we are all energic and hopelessly romantic people, that work with enthusiasm, and with the only task to make your wedding unforgettable and relaxing, not only for you but also for your families and friends. We have great relationship with all the vendors, catering, florist and so on, as we have been in the business for quite long time, and vendors that have worked with us easily raccomend us to couples that contact them looking for a planner. We keep updated with annual workshops on paperworks and all that is related to the last news in the destination wedding business. We are part of the Tuscan Wedding Network that includes the high quality vendors and planners, renowed in the tuscan area.

How much experience do you have?

Italian Wedding Designer was born in 2011 but we all have personal previous experience in the business (such as event manager, tourism, graphic designers and so on) since at least 2006.

Where do you do Weddings?

We are very lucky cause we live and work in a wonderful country, with ancient cities, very different natural scenery, good weather and the best food and wine. There is the perfect place for everyone in Italy, and from our side, due mainly to logistic reasons our main areas are Tuscany, Como Lake, Venice and Amalfi Coast.

How many wedding do you plan in a year?

Every Event manager in our team will plan maximum 15 weddings per year, and not more than one per week, to be able to guarantee a complete presence during the days before the wedding and a during the planning process. We are focused on quality more than quantity.

What does a wedding planner do during the planning process?

Our wedding planner to start the planning will need informations on your wedding size and budget, and will set a skype call to meet you and understand your expectations and needs. After this step the wedding planner will be able to start the venue research, based on your request. The planner will be in charge to find vendors and keep in contact with them, being the middleman between you and the vendors, to guarantee that the agreements fullfill both parts. will create a timeline for the planning and a file to keep the budget under control, keeping in mind your needs in order to give you all the informations to help you plan your wedding in a relaxed mood.

What is the hardest thing to handle as a wedding planner?

The most though thing to handle is when couples are hard to make decisions and don’t trust our experience or vendors expertise. Luckily this doesn’t happen often and we always try to reassure our clients, that they can rely on us and on vendors, as our main task is to make their wedding great and make them happy.

Is the wedding coordinator there from the beginning to the end of the party?

The wedding planner will be there the whole time during the wedding, to follow the set up and dismantle of the event, coordinating all the vendors, checking that every detail is as agreed, and being ready to face last minute unexpected changes or issues. The wedding planner will of course also take care of the couple, and guide the guests, to have the party going on smoothly and on time.

How do you work?

We only do customized packages, where all the vendors are chosen by the couple. We suggest vendors that fit the couple needs, budget and style, explaining each vendor’s policy. Clients will choose between the proposed figures their favorite, sign a contract with them and directly pay them.

What type of packages do you offer?

Our agency packages include our assistance, so the whole planning and coordination process, from vendors selection to the event day coordination. We prefer to offer a all inclusive package, but we are also open to other types of agreements. We are also able to provide a Design package, which is on top of the planning package, that includes save the date, invitations, menu, placecards and all the other customized statonery a wedding requests.

How do you design and print our stationery?

We have an internal graphic department. Our designer will ask your preferences and inspirational moodboards, and then we will send you some drafts based on your guidelines, making a customized and matching stationery. We are able to print and send you save the date, invitations, thank you cards, but printing and shipping price is not included in our package as it depends on your choice of printing method, paper, envelopes, sizes, quantities.

Can we add design package after we signed the contract?

Sure, you can add the design package even in the following months, based on our graphic team avaibility and the project deadlines.

How do you calculate your fees?

Our fees are calculated based on paperwork process complexity, if it is a religious or civil ceremony, to the wedding size and demands of the event, wedding related events to plan and coordinate, number of team members to involve. Our fee are anyways all inclusive, with no hidden costs, all charges are specified in our package/contract.

Is the civil marriage legal in our country?

Of course it is. We can help you with the necessary paperworks to have you legal civil ceremony in Italy, and afterwards we will deliver to you the translated and legal wedding certificate that you can use to register the wedding in your country.

How much does a wedding in Italy cost?

There are no specific ranges, because each couple has different requests or needs. There are many factors that influence the budget such as the type and size of venue, if the couple wants to pay the accomodation and transport for all the guests, type of ceremony, food selection, additional services… To give a rough average idea we can say that for 100 guests, without paying the accomodation, a budget that could work will have to start from 25.000,00€

Why do you have to know my budget on our first consultation?

We ask for the budget because it is a very important information towards the planning process start. We don’t ask for that to be unpolite or make you spend more money. We need to understand if your budget is realistic and to understand what is your wedding ideal budget distribution, to be able to suggest a venue that fits the budget, taking in to account all the other expenses you encounter in the planning.

Do you have references?

You can read some reviews here: Italian Wedding Designer’s reviews

How do payment terms work?

We ask for a deposit at the signing of the contract, to guarantee our assistance and block the date. We request a second deposit on February 15th and the balance 20 days before the event. Payments can be made via bank transfer, revolut or paypal (adding 5%).

Will the planner that is working with me throughout the planning process attend the wedding day?

The wedding planner that will follow the whole back office and planning of the event, being the referent for the couple, will be the head coordinator on the wedding day, and will direct the eventual additional coordinators. In our package we also include a prior meeting before the wedding to finalize all the last details before the wedding, in order to have a fully relaxed wedding day.

How much communication will we have?

We can be contacted by email everyday. We can also be reached via skype or phonecalls, but we have to know it in advance to guarantee our avaibility.

Hidden costs and payments.

Many clients, in the beginning, do not have a clear idea of italian services price. For foreign people it can be tricky to understand that price will have to include a VAT tax, that can vary from 10% to 22% at the moment. It is due to all the services that take place on the italian territory. Another compulsory italian tax is SIAE, which must be payed to be allowed to play music for a group of people. It is a very important permit, that is due whenever playing music for a group of people. Average amount is 346€, and is based on party guests number, venue area, type of event and type of music. Another thing to keep in mind is that depending on your country, you might be charged for each bank transfer, which are the only way to pay deposit and balance to confirm most vendors (few of them also accept paypal payments), so remember to add it to the expenses list. When coming to Italy there is a maximum of cash trasport of 9.999,00 € euro per person, in any case it is not possible to pay cash for amounts over 3.000,00 €.

If you have some other questions to ask your wedding planner don’t hesitate to write us!

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