Cake Design

After spending many years trying to explain to our clients that having an American style Wedding Cake for their wedding in Italy wasn’t properly easy, we decided to get organized and involved a very creative Cake Designer that, working together with the best patisserie, will be able to design and prepare your Dream Cake.

We know that the Cake has a very important role, it is kind of a co-star for the day. It is usually made of sponge pastry, filled with cream or chocolate, sometimes naked, sometimes covered up with frosting. Other than the taste, the important part is represented by the shape, the design and the garnish. Every Detail must be perfect, and it should perfectly match the wedding theme.

Are you dreaming of a Boulangerie kind of cake, or maybe a very simple, minimal cake? Do you prefer a three floor hand painted cake, or a fairytale cake with pastel polka dots, stripes and ribbons? Maybe you fantasize of a floral set, with flying lighs and candles…
You can also decide to offer to your guests a well designed sweet table full of macarons, cupcaked, donuts, cakepops and lollipops, or maybe fill it with italian specialities like handmade pies, cookies, sugar almonds and other delicacies. We can create for you and with you a Sweet table to perfectly match the theme and the style of your special day, to sweetly end the party.

Italian Wedding Designer team will provide a Cake Design project of the cake, that you will have the chance to admire and taste in case you come for a site inspection or, if you will not have the possibility to come to Italy before the wedding, you can follow up the project via email through photos.

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